The best shine sprays for hair

Have you decided that your lackluster hair is a lost cause? Well, you might want to rethink that conclusion. The best shine spray or serum can be your first line of defense in the war on dull hair — just ask any hairstylist or beauty salon owner. Whether you’re a curly-haired gal dealing with frizz or a straight-haired chick looking to minimize static, a shine serum can help smooth strands and even treat common hair problems. Above all, they create serious shine.

“This serum tames the frizzies, reduces the time I spend blow-drying and straightening my hair and it smells wonderful,” raves one reader. Another adds that it “shines up and softens her curls … leaving them touchable and silky.” And one reviewer loves it so much that she says she’s gone through five bottles of this “unbelievably fantastic” product.

Reviewers report that their hair feels refreshed after using this drugstore shampoo. “It did an amazing job at adding moisture to my hair and rehydrating it without weighing it down,” says one reviewer. Another adds, “This shampoo … worked absolute miracles for my heat-and-highlight-damaged hair. It provided superior moisturization without an ounce of added weight.”

Why it’s great: “I truly fell in love with this,” says one reviewer. “What I love most about the shampoo is that it has moisturizing beads that also exfoliate [and] stimulate my scalp … it cleans superwell and gets my natural oils moving so that my hair stays healthy and happy and hydrated.” Other reviewers echo her sentiments, adding that this drugstore shampoo “really does all the things it claims” and gives hair “weightless moisture, makes your hair shine and strengthens it.”