Try wearing it as jewelry instead

Fragrance jewelry has been around since the Egyptian times when people wore tiny bottles or scented amulets around their necks. But that doesn’t mean these baubles were pretty — they were more function than form.

The newest generation of fragrance jewelry, however, isn’t just scented — it’s also incredibly chic looking. And there’s modern technology that makes the scent last longer than ever before — so you can wear your fragrance jewelry for years to come.

Some of these pieces use scented beads trapped inside jewelry diffusers while others infuse the pieces themselves with the fragrance. And some contain solid perfume locked inside a ring or pendant. Regardless of the method, each piece is special — and the perfect addition to any fragrance (or jewelry) lover’s collection.

The Chicest Leather BraceletSometimes the simplest jewelry is the most glamorous — and that definitely applies to the Maison Francis Kurkdjian Perfumed Leather Bracelet in Apom, $225. Each bracelet is made by hand and scented with a technique used for perfumed leather gloves in the 18th century — it’s soaked in essential oils and then dried in the open air. The orange flower and cedar wood scent lasts an incredibly long time, and it comes with a protective pouch to help maintain the fragrance even longer.

Bling RingIf you’re a fan of Kilian’s fragrances, then you’re going to go nuts for the Studio 54 By Kilian Ring, $250. This gorgeous, disco ball-inspired cocktail ring can be filled with any of the 33 Kilian scents. It’s ideal if you talk with your hands — you’ll perfume the room while you gesticulate.